Thursday, November 14, 2013

Come hang out on webcam!

AetherCon is an online convention. Last year I only watched a couple of my fellow artists' online booths, this year I'm participating as well.

This weekend (15th-17th November) you can come and watch me paint on webcam, we can chat, I'll probably do a sword/armour tutorial and answer questions. Or we can bore everyone by talking endlessly about Tolkien.

I'll be on at these times:

Friday: Jan Pospisil- 2 PM- 5 PM EST
Saturday: Jan Pospisil- 1 PM- 4 PM EST
Sunday: Jan Pospisil- 1 PM- 4 PM EST

 For my Czech/central European friends, that's 20.00-23.00 and 19.00-22.00 in our local GMT+1 timezone.

My public AnyMeeting profile is here:

You should be able to get to all the streams from there.

I hope to see you tomorrow (or on Saturday. Or Sunday.)!


  1. Ah, I couldn't asist. Did you record the meeting?


    1. Sorry, recording requires a subscription at AnyMeeting and I didn't have the cash to spare. :/