Thursday, May 24, 2012

My MA thesis is finished!

No funny title today.

I'm currently trying to finish my MA Computer Graphics studies and after months of struggle, I managed to wrangle my thesis into existence.

The topic is "Digital Reconstruction of Archaeological Finds" and here's the abstract:

This thesis defines archaeological reconstruction and describes its history
and evolution. It explores the use of computers in reconstruction and lists
currently used techniques and methods. Romanian archaeology and a brief
historical summary of the ancient Dacian people are discussed with Romanian
archaeologists. The practical part presents the results of attempted reconstructions
of Dacian archaeological finds supplied by Romanian archaeologists.
Various freely available applications suitable for reconstruction were
tested and their performance compared. The thesis also suggests possible
course of further research and development of digital reconstruction.
I know, it's so DRY and boring.
You can download the whole text (with pictures too!) here:

Anyway, as part of the thesis I also did a painting.

It shows a family of Comati (or Komatai), ancient Dacian commoners. If you want to know more, check out the link above. :)


  1. Forgot to say this in the blog post itself - Dario, please don't laugh too much. :) I should've asked your advice on these reconstructive illustrations and it's really upsetting I haven't thought of it before. :/

  2. hey Janku, this looks great :) a bit like Rosinski's Thorgal style . I just downloaded the thesis, looking forward to read it

    1. Thorgal-like style may not be a coincidence, I am a big fan of Rosinksi's. ;) Thanks!

  3. The abstract doesn’t look that dry, Jan. Well, if people who are used to reading long writing would read this, then it is just normal for them. I think you thought it was dry because it doesn’t sounds like your field at all. Anyway, did you already defend the thesis? So, how did it go?

    1. Yes yes, defended it last year. The comittee didn't really understand my point and thought the thesis to be a bit redundant, but they gave me a pass. I should've been more clear while talking about the topic with my supervisor at the beginning.