Friday, January 7, 2011

Watch out for the Russians!

Because I said I would, I'm making a list of Russian artists I +watch on DeviantArt.
Today on Facebook I boldly claimed that:

I find that Russian digital artists have something very Russian about them (the realistic controlled colour chaos of your favourite Repin and the icon-like ornamentalism of Bilibin) and also something linking them to the east and Asian - certain palette choices and boldness with sharp brushstrokes. Which is like - duh, they're Russian and they border with China. But it makes their work look very unique and I can tell an artist is a Russian if I see one on DA.

See if you can spot the similarity. ;)

Anry Nemo  - great character pieces, lots of crisp detail and clean PS work.

Andrey Maximov  - again, sharp clean PS style, from epic space opera to high fantasy.

Alex Aparin  - if you watch Paizo's Pathfinder products, you've seen Alex's work. Great colours, composition and pumping dynamism oozing out of every piece.

Julia Alekseeva  - I wish she posted more, it seems her DA is a bit abandoned. Crisp PS style, high fantasy mostly.

Pavel Spitsyn  - a great painter of historical and fantasy stuff. Lots of detail and attention to historical accuracy.

Marya Filatova  - an exception from all the crisp PS work, her pencil and watercolour portraits of elves have deep (I'd almost say eastern) grace and melancholy.

Olga Drebas - more crisp PS concept arty style, this time with interesting weirdness.

Marina Kleyman - more painterly fantasy, very firm grasp of colour, form and design. Slightly Paul Bonnery.

Viktor Titov  - very sharp and impactful scifi landscapes and fantasy book covers.

Elena aka "Hellstern"  - amazingly talented young artist and a very pretty lady. Can't get enough of her in any way. ;)

Nikolay Yeliseyev - fun and interesting concept art.

"SnowSkadi"  - another incredibly talented artist - dreamy architecture and landscapes and breathtaking horses.

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