Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cheesy Whizard

New art, yay! It will probably change a bit before the book is out, I've got some good critique from the team.

Meet a "Wizard".("čaroděj" = magic+doer )
Wizards in DrD2 are masters of fire and wind. This one is pretty pissed and his salamander pets aren't happy either.
DrD is a multiclass system, so it's interesting to see how varied characters you can create - Wizard itself is a class you can take only if your combined levels in Fighter and Invoker give you 6 or more.

(Wizards do kinda focus on battle magic, hence the fighter levels. Invokers are your intuitive magic adepts - various fortune tellers, talent wielders, illusionists and so on.)

We'll be releasing examples of wizard characters and I really like them, so I translated the text:

Master Hanush
(Invoker 5, Fighter 1)

Master Hanush is a spellwright - he makes clouds of sparks float through the darkness and take shapes of ships or mythical creatures, for amusement of friends and children.
When the time comes to face the forces of darkness, his eyes erupt with flames, he flings enemies with a wave of the hand and burns their war machines with lightning inferno. And while he usually leans onto his walking staff to rest, he's able to use it in combat quite fiercely.

Mad Lavrisha
(Invoker 3, Fighter 3)

Lavrisha was born into a noble family, but her father drove her out because of her magical abilities. She had to learn to fight her way through life alone, because she hasn't yet found a man, who wouldn't be intimidated by her magic and fiery temper.
In battle she moves like a dancer - she uses two elegant bladed fans to hurl whirlwinds and fire tornadoes at her enemies.

BrotherTaran, Bane of Heretics
(Invoker 1, Fighter 5)

Born into slavery, Taran had to work with other kroll children in the quarry. His life changed when a commander of a religious order bought him from the slavers.
He became a devoted follower of the god who broke his shackles. The order's master of the sword trained him to become a paladin. Taran travels through the land, defends the weak and faithful and slays abominations and heretics.
His lance burns with the heavenly flame in battle with the hordes of evil and his warcry is a thunderstorm.

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