Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Cat got a facelift

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about it, but anyways. A certain TV company asked me if they could use a piece of fanart I did on their blog.
While very flattered, I was also horrified, because the piece is 4 years old and just bad.

So I thought - I've got an evening sort of free, I could fix it. And I tried. And it couldn't be done. So I thought I could repaint it. So I did.

Man, colour is HARD! I just realized I spent a year doing almost nothing but black and white (greyscale to be precise). My colour is definitely stunted. I need to exercise more.

Anyways, here's the old picture (I warn you, it's baaad!)

here's the new one. It's all ArtRage, more squishy thick oils than usual, less washes of thinned paint for some reason.


  1. This one is better, but the old have really nice hair colour.

  2. Much much better than the old one