Monday, December 6, 2010

Horse + bow = kickass

New arts! An illustration for Draci Doupe 2 - this is the Scout class. Awesome horsemen, capable of all kinds of dangerous stunts and acrobatic stuff while riding a horse. Also horse archery. (they do the whole spy thing too, masks, disguise, sneaking, hidden daggers and so on.)


  1. :) Ja ja, es ist so.

    (if you're wondering why I present it as "new", even though you've seen it like months ago, the magazine in which this was previewed came out finally and will be put online today.)

  2. Hey Jan,
    nice work – ArtRage?
    I would like to offer a comment here – normally -'Turkish ' fashion - a horse archer would have a quiver on the opposite side of his bow hand, in order to reach swiftly for the arrows etc. It did not matter if quiver was attached to a belt or slung across one 's back.
    Scythians (gorytos) and later on American Plains Indians used another method – they would slung the quiver across the pommel in front of the rider and place its opening facing the arrow-holding hand, to facilitate the draw. In your drawing, the left handed archer would have a difficult time drawing his arrow fast and swiftly having his bow in a way, especially being pursued by his heavily armed enemies - :)
    Merry Christmas

  3. @Dario: Yes, it's ArtRage. Many thanks for the advice! I wanted to get this right and of course, I didn't. :/ I tried the drawing with my own bow, pretending to be on a horse and it felt ok this way. Next time I'll just open an Osprey book or look at Your blog. ;)