Thursday, December 9, 2010

ArtRage thanksgiving

I love ArtRage. And I don't say it just because it seems to be cool and hip to like ArtRage lately.
It's a great piece of software - if you're thinking about doing some digital painting and don't have the moniez to buy Photoshop or Painter, take a look at AR.

People usually suggest trying Gimp or another open source or free painting application. ArtRage is a bit different - it's more like Painter in the way it works.

I do almost all my drawing and painting in ArtRage nowadays. At first it felt really stiff and hard to control, being used to precision of other software, the element of traditional randomness was more a flaw rather than a wonderful feature.

But I got used to the interface and controls - now I can't use anything else as easily.
It also has a couple of things other software doesn't - like hotkeys for horizontal and vertical flip of the canvas!
This is incredibly useful and it happens instantly - the layers aren't really transformed, so it's quick and handy.

I am also very thankful for the rotation tool in ArtRage! I have a bit of a neck spine defect and lean my head to the right, so my compositions often end up toppling over that way. Flipping also helps me to notice that problem.

As I said - ArtRage is picking up popularity, so they don't really need me spreading the love on my blog read by ten friends of mine.
But after an evening spent painting in it, I felt I should do this post, to express my thanks properly.

So, there. Try ArtrAge! :)

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