Friday, July 8, 2016

Swords and Orcs

It's been a while! Months even. I'm still working on Six Ages, so I don't have anything not under the death spell of an NDA I could show.
That said, two supplements for The One Ring RPG have been released fairly recently (Horse Lords of Rohan and Erebor) and I did a few pieces for them:

(goblin man and half-orc)

(Angrenithil - "Moon Iron", a sword made by both dwarven and elven smiths)

(a dwarven masked helmet)

(a war horn made of a drake's skull)

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  1. I love all these artwork, particularly those orcs, they have a very great and detailed design: their pose, clothes and weapons. I don't have yet the supplements, so I would want to ask you about how these half-orcs are portrayed, in relation with the other orcs and Uruk-hai from the White Hand and Mordor, and also your own opinion about this "controversial" topic. Finally, I want to ask about the size of the warhorn, because It seems to me that the drake wasn't particularly big :P

    1. I haven't read the book, so I can't quite comment on the first part.
      I suppose the drake would've been the size of a large crocodile?

    2. Many thanks for you answer! I would have liked to know your own thoughts about the first topic, because I find many views about the question but generally I don't agree with them in some parts.