Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Oak and Thunder" part 2 - The Look?

(in the second post about OaT I will be talking visual style and a feel of the stories, as well as influences and inspiration)

TL;DR: I don't know what it's gonna look like yet, but here's some stuff I like.

I haven't done much sequential art. Most of it was in grammar school, nearly 10 years ago.
For this reason I'm planning to start with a self-contained short story, with a bit of everything. To try and train myself to do more.


Right now I'm trying to figure out how stylized I want the art be. It's definitely going to be ink and tone, probably not in colour. I really like (for example) the detailed and "realistic" style of Thorgal, but I'm not sure I can pull that off.

A more stylized look of comics like Una the Blade or Silk&Gold ( is also great, but I've never dabbled in cartoons, so I'm not sure I could draw like that either.

I'll just have to draw and draw, I'm sure it'll settle on something viable eventually.

(You can see examples of ink artwork I looked at for inspiration here:

Other Inspirations

A huge one is definitely Darkness over Cannae by Jenny Dolfen.

A beautifully illustrated historical novel about Hannibal's famous battle, done in her signature watercolour style:

I enjoy that it's a historical story without any magic added, a story about Vikings in a Japanese (!!) manga. Awesome action and reasonably historically accurate.

 I'm surrounding myself with tons and tons of art and media that may be relevant somehow, that have a spark of something interesting. Since I took these two photos of the books on my desk, their number roughly tripled. *sigh*

The closing sketch for today will be the other main character, the girl-from-yesterday's best friend. 
(that thing he's holding is a spindle)


  1. Hey, some of the best comics are in French - there are several showing the nomadic Scythians, plenty showing the Mongols etc. Writer and artist Franz, sadly deceased, drew a series on the nomads and Chinese, titled The Ivory Doll/Poupee d'Ivorie - you may like it, he was a great master of the pen and ink. Thorgal is great! Winland Saga is also fine.

    1. Oh, which are the ones with Scythians?! I have some French comics already, but not The Ivory Doll, I'll have to look for that. Thanks!