Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plan for the spring


for anyone who cares - my spring semester at the university has started and it will be pretty much packed with important stuff to study and write.

At least till late June I won't be taking on any new art work.
(unless it's super awesome and I won't mind losing sleep because of it)

I need to concentrate on school now, I'll have to do lots on my thesis and also pass all remaining compulsory courses. If you like my stuff and would like me to do some art for you, keep it in mind for later, please.

I still have a few projects I already agreed to do so in my spare time I'll be doing those. (you know who you are ;))
And I'll probably still draw for fun once in a while, so I'll be posting more sketches and drawings and personal work perhaps. 

That's that. Bye!

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