Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's all a scam anyway

I've been showing stuff I'm quite proud of mostly. It might be fair to show the rest - the doodles, the scraps, the crappy drawings in my school notebooks.

And thumbnails. :) I actually do them once in a while, especially when I'm trying to come up with a good pose for a character, or an interesting composition in an awkward format. Like these DrD illustrations - all so lean and tall, my characters start to fall into similar positions.

I'm sketching for the next one and these are the thumbs I came up with yesterday. (if you can't tell, it's a girl...ehm..witcher (yes, like that game) slaughtering some zombies or other undead.)

The other one is a compilation of notebook drawings I did at school, concepts for TLD.

From left to right:

1) wicker frame covered in rawhide, raven wing on top - raven raider helmet for the Dunnish.
2) ornate helmet for the Gold-Blood Dragons - a Harad troop.
3) another raven raider helmet, this time leather with a bronze animal plate.

That's all you can take for now, I'm sure. ;) Byeee. \o

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