Thursday, July 21, 2011

Draci Doupe 2nd edition with cream, DONE!

Dračí Doupě 2 ("dragon's lair", no relation to the cartoony PC games of old) is finally done and will be properly christened with champaigne (ok, Bohemia sekt is more likely :D) on Saturday.

Here's a full lineup of art I've done for the book. I'm told the first books arrived from the printers and that they look amazing. You may notice (if you follow me that closely, I should probably consider a restraining order!) I revisited some of the older pieces.

Alchemist - a creator of artificial beings, explosives and miraculous potions.
Fighter - a breaker of bones, a crusher of livers, a jolly good chap all in all.

Wizard - a master of flames and winds, tamer of salamanders.

Druid - a friend to nature, shaper of plants, water and earth.

Ranger - a hunter of monsters, maker of traps, protector of men.
Hrun the Barbarian - wounded and grumpy.

Tumbler - a master of disguise, trickery, juggling and good judge of character.

Hunter - a...ehm, hunter. Hunts stuff, befriends dogs.

Thief - another quite self-explanatory one. ;)

Mage - a master over the minds of feeble mortals, weaver of illusions.

Medicus - a brewer of smelly potions, healer and a negotiator.

Equipment load - three categories of stuff you can carry.

Shaman - a dream world walker, drug user and overall a pretty weird guy.

Warrior - a tactician, horse rider and overall a kick ass dude.

Witcher - what do you call a female witcher? :D (she fights the undead btw)

Conjurer - a wild mage, possessor of talents, sage of the weird and magical.

Zhira - a badass spy lady.

Scout - a horse archer, master of traps, admiral Ackbar's worst nightmare.

And that's all. :) All of these were painted entirely in ArtRage Studio Pro.


  1. I love it all, you have improved so much since I first saw your work.

  2. Thanks, Adam! I'm glad to hear that. :)

    1. I think the Witcher (Female) Would be called a She-Witcher or Witcheress. They do call a girl adopted by a witcher a She-Witcher in "The Lesser Evil" memory quest thingy. Nice art, love it. Especially the Theif and She-Witcher one. :D

    2. Someone else told me Ciri was called a "witcheress" in the PC game. Thank you! :)